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Breed Description

The -Kulanga- is a gamefowl breed originally to be found in Central Asia. The breed is known for its massive build, agression and strongboned structure. Kulanga are widespread in the Buharskaia and Samarkanskaia region. The birds are surprisingly easy to handle and to train. They are very well adapted to hot and dry climatical conditions. It takes however a long time to mature and to develop its impressive constitution. The breed has been preserved to assure a genetical backup. Due to ethnic variety in the Caucasian and Central Asian republics names can differ due to the local langauge. In some old Russian publications therfor the breed is known under various names like: Dakan, Tokar and Assel. The Kulanga differs from the Dakan by size, weight and specific colors.  The Kulanga is closely related to the Malay 

Breed Standard

Head: small Beak: short, dark-horncoloredComb: small, walnut-type Wattles: very small, Earlobes: very small, white -rose- redcolored, Eye: orange, Neck: long, thick, slightly curved, Legs: strongbuild, wide set, Shanks: long, yellow- greenish- blackish or whitish colored (depending on plumage color), Plumage: thick but close to the body, Colour: various colours (light, mottled, black and brown). Eggs production: 100 per year, Eggweight: 60 Gram, Eggcolor: tawny, Weight male 4.5 Kg (10 Lbs) female 3.5 Kg (8 Lbs).

Pictures Comments

(top left) old Russian Kulanga print.

(top right) Kulanga

(bottom left) Kulanga

(bottom right) Kulanga

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