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Gilyan (Ghilyan)

Breed Description

This old breed was already mentioned in Russian publications from 1700. It seems that the origin of the Gilyan sometimes referred to as -Ghilyany- is the Persian (Iranian) province Ghilyany. Some assume that it is also the -father- of the -Orlov- breed. The first name of the -Orlov- (see above) is clearly related with this breed. The Ghilan however does not show all the same breeding points like the rich plumage and beard. Also the color of the legs is different as the Ghilan has flesh coloured legs. The Ghilan has a walnut comb. The Gilyan (orlovski) breed at present is more used for ornamental purposes rather than for pit purposes. The breed already low in numbers survived due to the efforts of an enthusiastic group of Russian breeders from Pavlov, a city in the Nighegorodskoy area. This breed is classified as an -endangered- breed !

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