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Breed Description

Breed description The Dakan is a high stationed, Malayoid-type native gamefowl breed from Central Asia, Caucasus and republic of Dagestan. From the beginning of the 1980's introduced into other parts of Russia. Background facts The Dakan starts to mature around  the age of 8 to 10 months. From the 10th month onwards birds are trained for the pit. In Russia birds are only pitted in natural heels ( artificial heels are prohibited).  Type of fight, endurance lasting upto 1 hours. The best Dakan come from the republic of Dagestan and Dagestani breeders keep the best birds for themselves and are not very willing in exporting these to  other Russian republics as these are considered the elite Dakan fighters.    

Breed Standard

Body heavy, strong build, Head short and powerful,  head looks like a bird of prey having a ferocious look caused by the proturberant eyebrows, face dry (not fleshy), redcolored. Comb low set, triple peacomb   Beak strong and thick   Wattles No wattles, Eyes large eyes, orange-colored, Tighs Proturberant, very muscular   Legs long shanks, strongboned, yellow colored   Carriage upright. Weight male 4.5 to 6 Kg (10 to 13 Lbs) hen 3.2 to 4 Kg (7 to 9 Lbs) Eggs 60 to 80 per year, eggweight 55 to 65 Gr. Colour blackred, goldenduckwing, black  

Pictures Comments

left top (Dakan from Andighan), right top (Dakan from Dagestan), bottom left (Dakan from Dagestan), bottom right (Dakan from Kokand, named "Docent" owned by Mr.K.Dibighev/Stavropolsky Krai)

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