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Stavropolsky Krai


Welcome to our Website

We like to introduce ourselves and our hobby to other friends in the sport around the globe. We live in the Northern part of the Caucasus, an area situated in the South of Russia. We have a beautiful nature, historical sites, museums (7), good food, drinks (12 beer breweries !) and......very good gamefowl !

Our Hobby

Our hobby is to breed, keep and pit gamefowl. Also preservation of our domestic breeds is one of our goals. Pitting gamefowl is a very old tradition in our region to say in the Caucasus and Central Asian republics. Pitting overhere is done in natural heels. The gamefowl breeds we have are of the Asian type. Our domestic breeds like the Kulanga and Dakan come from our Central Asian republics, other breeds lhave been imported from countries like Greece and Turkey. Sometimes we make trips to Moscow to meet other friends in the sport. Any Friends in the Sport is welcome to visit us and to enjoy our hospitality ,friendship and sportmanship. Have a go and take a chance !

Breed Gallery

To give you an impression of these magnificent feathered warriors we will show you some of our finest birds. Please enjoy the pictures.

More Information

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Russian Pages

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Our District

The Caucasus! How much wonder and intrigue is contained in that word. Its picturesque nature, its freedom-loving people, its enigmatic tales and legends. Your imagination is caught by the visible traces of history – dozens of watchtowers, half-ruined churches and mosques, the remains of ancient settlements and the burial mounds that guard the secrets of times long gone.There is a lot to do and see in our district like nature trekking, mountaineering, climbing, cycling, birdspotting or hunting. Our region is also famous for its spa facilities. We have a wonderful climate with gentle stable weather all year round, the crystal-clear air of the mountains and the proximity of Europe’s highest peak – snowy Mount Elbrus, the mineral waters, the curative mud of Lake Tambukan: all this makes the resorts of Mineralnye Vody unsurpassed. It can be said without exaggeration that the beautiful mountain resorts of Mineralnye Vody – Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Essentuki and Zheleznovodsk – are perfect places for relaxation and medical treatment. Stavropol’ has air, rail (the Kavkazskaya-Divnoe-Elista rail line), and highway connections to other major cities. It is also linked by bus routes within northern Caucasia. Buses provide important linkages because of the mountainous nature of the area

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