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About Me and Russian Gamefowl

Welcome & Privet to my website, my name is Alexander "Akila" (Eagle) I am a gamefowl breeder and I live in the Caucasus (Southern Russia). My breeds are : large Aseel (Kulang varieties), Kulanga (Russian Malay) and I also breed the famous Russian breed Orlovskia. Outside my country commonly known as Orlov (or Orloff). The large Aseel varieties I have are : Dakan (Russian Aseel, Madras Aseel * Chinese Aseel). Please see the pictures in the Gamefowl Photo Galleries. Information on our Russian gamefowl is displayed in the website of the Russian National Gamefowl League. The Orlov is actually a Malay with one significant breeding point, it has a beard. It is a very old Russian breed and is known for about 200 years. They are named after a Russian Prince Chesmenskim Orlov. This bearded and mottled breed has its origin in Persia. In Russia therfor the breed is also referred to as -Persian Hens-. The predecessor of the Orlovskia was the Gilyan, another breed imported from Iran (Persia). The -Orlovskia- became very popular in the 19th century and the breed was widespread among Russian breeders. Many people like the breed for its beautiful but unusual appearance, the good meat quality and last but not least being a very good egg-layer in wintertime. Under the Russian Czar the Orlovskia has been standarized and poultry societies have been founded in 1914. In Russia gamefowl is kept for exhibition and fighting purposes.

Were I Live

I live in the Stavropolski Krai province (Caucasus region) situated in Southern Russia.

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