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About Me

My name is Uriy Grishakov, and I am gamefowl breeder from the Moscow region. I breed Russian gamefowl (Dakan), Hint Horoz (Turkish Aseel), Shamo, Thai Game. In Russia pitting and breeding gamefowl is a widespread tradition in Russia. After the ending of the Imperial period in Russia in 1917 after the revolution, this old tradition was prohibited by law. At present day it has been legalized again and many people take up keeping and breeding of these feathered warriors. End of 2001 a national gamefowl was founded known as "Nacionalnaia Liga Boscovoy Lubitely Ptici" in plain English "national gamefowl league". I was elected as its first President. Our organisation tries to unite gamefowl breeders, promote gamefowl breeding and to organize meetings and tournaments take place all over Russia.In Russia and Central-Asian republics we have some domestic gamefowl breeds. These are known as the "Dakan" and the "Kulanga". They orginally come from Southern Russia (Caucasus) and former Central-Asian republics. Another Russian breed also known outside Russia is the Orlov, a bearded Malay.

Were I live

I live in the Moscow, capital of Russia

My Gamefowl

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