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" Bars"

"Am waiting for you"

- About Me -

Welcome to my page, my name is Kazbek Botashev, nickname "Bars" (Panther). I live in the South of Russia (Caucasus) in the Karachaevo - Cherkesia republic. My biggest interest is raising and pitting gamefowl. I keep and breed domestic breeds overhere known as Dakan and Kulanga. These breeds are kept for pitting. Pitting gamefowl is a very old tradition and part of our culture. We are very proud on our birds and constantly try to improve them. Gamefowl breeding and pitting is widespread today throughout the Russian Federation and other neighbouring republics.

- Were to find me -

Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia

- Photo Gallery -

Have a look at my birds (click camera please)

- Interesting Links -

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